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About Client

A Auto Glass Services has been providing quality auto glass repair and replacement services in San Diego, California for over 15 years. They are known for their quick, quality repairs and superior customer service. Despite their reputation, they've had trouble getting new customers in the door without spending thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising.

Creating Simplicity & Convenience

People who need their windshield or window repaired want a quick, affordable service that's easy to book. We created a brand new website and marketing campaign with this in mind. Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for visitors to become customers.

About Project

A Auto Glass Services had been running a Google Ads campaign and spending thousands of dollars without getting good results. Most of the people who landed on their website left without converting. They were losing money and desperate to find a solution.

During the summer months, they were busy but not as busy as their competitors. They tried different methods of obtaining new customers from handing out flyers to networking with other businesses. These attempts brought in some leads but wasn't a steady source of revenue.


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The Results

After analyzing their current marketing efforts, we knew they would benefit from a new website, SEO campaign, and Google advertising. Before designing their new website, we assessed what their competitors are doing and what seemed to work for their market. We determined that people who are looking for auto glass service want to quickly schedule service and be done.

We designed and built a website that was simple to use and offered visitors the exact information they were looking for. With their new website, their on-site conversion increased by 150%. We created a 12 month plan for improving their SEO and optimizing their Google Ad campaigns. After a year of working together, we grew their conversion rate by 352%.

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