3 Mistakes Roofers Make About Google Ads

by Joanna Donaghue, November 12, 2020

Google Ads is a platform that allows companies to promote their services and products at the top of Google’s search results page. It’s one of the most powerful methods for lead generation. It’s also one of the most complicated platforms out there. If not done right, you can end up wasting thousands of dollars on bad results. From years of working with roofing companies, here are the top 3 mistakes we see made.

1. They think Google is the Yellow Pages

Before the internet became universally accessible, people had the phone book or Yellow Pages to find services. Companies would pay a large fee to prominently place their ad in the Yellow Pages. Today, the phone book has been replaced by search engines like Bing and Google. But many business owners are still old school in how they think of marketing.

Both Google and the Yellow Pages are directories that list information and allow companies to advertise but the similarities stop there. The Yellow Pages was simply an index of the community and local businesses. Google is an index of the entire web and all its information. Google uses an advanced algorithm to determine which ad is useful to the user. As a business owner, you have to update your mode of thinking and realize how people get their information has changed.

When companies advertised in the Yellow Pages, all they had to do was consult a salesperson. With Google Ads, companies have to make a ton of decisions. What keywords should they use? Which ad copy is the most effective? Does the landing page load fast and offer useful info? The world isn’t as simple as it used to be but that shouldn’t deter you. Google Ads may be a complicated tool but it’s not impossible to conquer.

2. They Don't Understand Their Customers

This is a mistake all businesses make and not just roofers. Understanding your customers and being able to relate is the heart of all marketing. It’s the secret ingredient that turns ad copy from dull to magical. What is your customer trying to achieve? When they need a solution, where do they go? How do they ask questions?

By listening to your customers, you can learn how they talk and search online. In the roofing industry, geo keywords are effective at targeting searches. Many times when people are searching for a service, they use keywords such as “Roofers near me” or “Roofers in Salt Lake City”. Geo stands for geographic and is the method of including a city or neighborhood in the keyword. For example, “Roofing company Portland” is a geo keyword.

Thorough audience research will help you discover valuable keywords for your business. By knowing how your customers search online, you’re able to target them with precision. You’ll also be able to keep your ads from showing on irrelevant searches.

Understand your customers

3. They Send Traffic To A Home Page

The biggest mistake most roofers make is sending traffic to their homepage. By sending people to your homepage and not to a dedicated landing page, you’re ensuring the death of your conversion rate. People need a clear call to action in order to convert. In order to become a lead, they need the path to conversion to be as easy as possible.

A website’s homepage is filled with a ton of information and options. This confuses people. They end up reading through some of the information and then immediately leave. After people click your ad, you need to send them to a page with focused content. You want every piece of content on that page to help push them down the sales funnel.

A great landing page should be simple, concise, and clear. It needs to show visitors why they should trust you. The best way to do this is to be authentic. Provide pictures of your team and work. Show customer testimonials with before and after photos. When people land on a roofing website, they’re looking for 3 things: photos of work, testimonials, and relevant information. If you satisfy the needs of the visitors, your conversion rate will greatly improve.

Advertising on Google is vastly different than placing an ad in a phone book. There are many more levers that need to be pulled and metrics to pay attention to. With the vast amount of data and information Google Ads provides, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. As a business owner, it’s important to understand the differences between Google Ads and older forms of advertising. You need to treat it like the complicated tool that it is and educate yourself on how it works.

The secret to successful advertising on Google lies with your customers. Like every other business, Google wants to make money and to do so they need to provide a good experience to keep people returning. This is why it’s critical to understand your customers and be useful to them. If you take the time to know your customers, you’ll be able to build winning landing pages and discover priceless keywords. In turn, Google will recognize your efforts and reward you by showing your ads more often for less. You’ll be able to gather more leads without spending more on advertising. In conclusion, if you educate yourself on how Google Ads works and learn to listen to your customers, you’ll achieve success.

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