5 Questions To Ask Before Doing Google Ads

by Joanna Donaghue, April 29th, 2021

When you’re running a roofing business and trying to find new ways to bring in business, it can be hard to know where to start. One of the best ways to generate new business is Google Ads. As the leading search engine with a 94% market share, Google has an enormous reach across the internet. When people need their roofs repaired or replaced, they go to Google to find the right contractor for them. But running a successful Google Ads campaign can be challenging, especially if you’re new. This blog post is for beginners who are considering running a Google Ads campaign. In it, you’ll learn key points you need to consider before running a campaign.

How will you measure success?

Before you even begin to setup your account, you need to sit down and think about what you consider success to be and how you’ll measure it. The objectives and KPIs you put in place will help drive your campaigns forward. Since our roofing clients want to get as many leads as possible, we focus heavily on conversions. The key metrics we track are conversion rate, cost per conversion, bounce rate, impression share, and ad rank. These metrics provide us with a full picture of how our campaigns are performing. Other metrics that people like tracking are clicks, average CPC, click-through rate, impressions, and cost. To determine which metrics are right for your business, read through Google’s guide and definitions on its columns.

What do your prospects search for?

Search queries are the foundation of Google. As an advertiser, you need to understand how your prospects search before you target them. You need to know how they speak and what words they use. The biggest mistake we often see roofers who are new to Google make is jumping in without doing keyword research. Location is very important to customers. When a person searches for roofing services, all they want to know is, “Are you local?” and “How fast can you be there?” When compiling a list of keywords, we suggest using location terms such as, “near me,” “in my area,” “close by,” etc.

5 Questions To Ask Before Doing Google Ads

Is your ad copy appealing?

Apart from not doing proper keyword research, writing generic ads is another big mistake new advertisers make. We see this all the time, and the people who do it usually end up wasting money. If you’re going to advertise on Google, you want to stand out from the competition. The way to do this is to write ad copy that is unique and sets you apart. Try appealing to your prospect’s emotions and addressing their pain points, or try asking a question. “Do You Need A Roof Repair?” We’ve also found that using numbers and statistics help to drive clicks. The important takeaway here is to keep experimenting. Don’t try one thing and stop.

Which locations will you target?

Like keywords and ads are integral to a Google Ads campaign, so are the locations you’ll target. As a roofing contractor, you don’t want to be driving all over the county or state to jobs. You want to get jobs in the places that bring you the most value. To ensure you’re capturing traffic in the right places, you need to setup location targeting in your ad campaigns. Create a list of cities, neighborhoods, and zip codes that you’d like your ads to be shown in. When you create your Google Ads campaign, you can add these locations and then track how many clicks or conversions you get in those places.

How much should your budget and bids be?

Bidding can be confusing to people new to Google Ads. When we onboard a new client, we’re often asked, “How much should I spend?” The answer often is that it depends. Most new roofing clients we take on start with a $2000 a month budget. To determine the right bidding level for your campaigns, we recommend taking a look at your services. When setting up bids for our clients, we like placing their services on a hierarchy. For services that bring them the most value like roof installs and replacement, we give a high bid. All other services with low ROIs like repairs are given a low bid. This bidding strategy helps Google to focus on your valuable services the most.

If you’re looking for a way to bring in more revenue for your business, Google Ads is one of the best tools for obtaining new customers. We’ve seen many of our clients expand and grow because of the success of their Google Ads campaigns. But Google Ads comes with a steep learning curve. Before diving into the platform and creating a campaign, sit down and answer the questions we provided above. Think about your goals as a business, who your customers are, and how much you’re looking to spend. Google Ads can become complicated fast, but if you focus on keeping it simple, you’ll have an easier time achieving success.

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