How A Content Calendar Can Keep You Busy In Winter

by Joanna Donaghue, December 3, 2020

In December and winter is upon us. For some businesses like retailers, the winter time is the busiest time of the year. People are holiday shopping and buying Christmas decorations. But in the roofing industry, the winter time is dead. People aren't looking for roof repairs or replacement when it's snowing out and freezing. It’s important for your team and business to find ways to stay busy while everything is slow. In this blog post, I’ll cover some ways you can efficiently use your down time.

Creating A Content Calendar

When things get slow, one of the best ways to pass the time is building a content calendar. Whether it's for social media or SEO, a calendar is the foundation of your entire content strategy. It may seem like a huge commitment at first, but it can be done. A content calendar is a way to organize your social media posts, blog articles, and any other type of creative. There are many ways to organize this content. You can use Google Sheets, Hootstuite, Later, or a multitude of other platforms. After organizing a large amount of content, you can schedule it out to be automatically posted to your social media and web pages.

Here are some ideas to help you get started with writing content:
1. How to prepare your roof and gutters for the winter
2. Roofing safety for homeowners in the winter
3. Common types of problems created by winter storms
4. he dangers of winter storms and hard rain on roofs

Step One In Building Great Content

Before you can schedule out content, you need to decide what kind of content you want to create. The most common types of content created by people are blog posts, e-books, videos, podcasts, email newsletters, and social media posts. It takes a lot of time and effort to create quality content, so it's important you know what kind of content is right for your business. Blog posts might be easier for you to do than a podcast.

It also comes down to what kind of content your audience wants to see. Remember, you're creating the blogs and social posts for them. If your audience doesn't connect with what you've created, then all of your effort was in vain. Before you commit to anything, research your audience and find out where they are spending the most time. Are they reading blog posts, hanging out on social, or watching videos? This will guide you to creating better content that will drive results.

planning your roofing content

Choosing How Often And When You’ll Post

After you’ve chosen the type of content and have finished creating it, the next step is to schedule it. This can be trickier than it appears. You don’t want to schedule your content to be posted at any old time on any old day. That’s a strategy for failure. It’s important to find the right time and day that your content will have the most impact. The end goal here is to drive as much engagement as possible, so later down the road your audience will convert.

The best way to find the right time to post is to start by publishing some content. Post your content on the marketing channel that you’ve chosen and see how your audience reacts. What time of day do they engage the most? What days are they the most active? Analytics data will provide you with a good insight into your audience's engagement. The information you find may surprise you.

It’s Doesn’t End When You Hit Publish

Many businesses and content writers make the mistake of thinking that their job is done when they hit publish. Sending your content out into the world is just the beginning. The next step is observing and gauging how your audience reacts to it. If you’re using social media, you need to be looking at likes, shares, and comments. If you’ve published web content or blog posts, you need to be analyzing time spent on site, clicks, sessions, and bounce rates. All of these metrics will help you better understand what your audience is looking for in terms of content.

You may be thinking that you don’t need content and building a library is a waste of time. Content is important because it plays a big role in your SEO strategy. If you want to grow the visibility of your website, then you’ll need to publish content. The content you have out there on the web, the more visible you become to the public. People will have an easier time finding your services when they need them. In turn, your traffic will grow and online revenue increase. Content may be just another part of your overall marketing strategy, but it’s an important piece.

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