How To Optimize Google My Business Listing For Roofers

by Joanna Donaghue, March 11th, 2021

If you're looking to promote your business online for free, one of the best ways is to create a Google My Business listing. If you're unfamiliar with the platform, Google My Business is a directory like Yelp and Yellow Pages. The big difference between Google My Business and the others is that it's hosted by Google, offers businesses a lot more options, and helps you to rank better in the search results. It's free to list your business and pretty easy to get started. In this blog post, I'll cover how you can get the most out of your Google My Business Listing.

Verify Your Business

Before you can do anything with your listing, Google requires you to verify your business location. If you have multiple locations, you'll want to add those too. When signing up for Google My Business, you're given the option to show your business address or to hide it. Some roofers we've worked with choose to hide their address because they don't have an office. If your roofing company has an office, we'd recommend listing it as public.

After you've completed your registration, Google will send you a postcard in the mail to verify your address. Verifying your address won't cause it to be listed publicly unless you've chosen to do so. In the past, there have been many bad actors that have tried to game the system. This is why Google requires you to verify your location before allowing you access to the Google My Business platform. Once you've completed the verification process, your business will be eligible to start showing in the results.

How To Optimize Google My Business Listing For Roofers

Services and Location

When filling out your profile, you need to make sure you select the correct category for your business. If you want to show up for the right customers, this step is critical. By telling Google that you're a roofing company, the search engine then can match your listing with appropriate searches. For example, if someone searches for Roofing Company In Houston, and you're in Houston, then your business could show up.

As a roofing company, you'll focus on serving specific neighborhoods and locations. To ensure your Google My Business listing shows up for people in those areas, you'll want to fill in the right physical address. Google uses the address you provided to match you with customers searching in that specific area. For example, one of our roofing clients is in Los Angeles and their business listing appears on searches like Los Angeles Roofers.

Business hours, phone number, and website

As a business, it's important that your contact information and hours are correct. On your Google My Business listing, you're able to provide your hours of operation, phone number, and website. If you're closed on holidays, you can set your hours as closed. We always recommend our clients that they use the mainline as the phone number on the listing. This makes sure that no phone calls are missed. If you have a website, it's important to list it here as well. You want to give your customers as much information as possible.

Business Description

In addition to listing your business information, Google gives you the option of providing a business description. This is a short summary that will appear below your business information. It's your chance to tell your potential customers about your company and why they should choose you. Be as descriptive as possible. Google gives you up to 750 characters to describe your business. When people are searching online and come across your listing, they'll see the description.

Rock those Reviews

Last but most importantly, Google My Business allows you to showcase any customer reviews your business has received. According to the 2018 Online Reviews Survey, Google is now the number one review website. When customers are shopping online, they turn to Google to find a trustworthy business. Another study showed that 64% of consumers check reviews on Google before contacting a business.

Reviews are a form of social proof. They tell potential customers online that your business is trustworthy and reliable. After you’ve completed a job for a client, ask them to review your business on Google. As your reviews grow, Google will be more likely to show your listing when people search for roofing companies online. When potential customers are shopping and come across your listing, they’ll be more likely to trust you because of the reviews on your profile.

Google My Business is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re looking for a way to list your business online for free, Google is the best option. As the number one search engine in the world, it offers access to thousands of people. When a potential customer needs a roof replaced, the first place they go to is Google. They check the reviews on the listings of local roofing companies and choose the one they think is the most trustworthy. If your roofing business isn’t on Google My Business, it’s time you put it on there.

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