Leveraging Backlinks To Grow Your Roofing Authority

by Joanna Donaghue, February 11th, 2021

Many roofing clients don’t know where to start when it comes to growing their web presence. The best place is with growing your backlink profile. If you’re a roofer who isn’t familiar with search engine optimization, then chances are you haven’t heard of backlinks. SEO specialists love talking about their backlink strategy and accomplishments. So what is a backlink? A backlink is simply when another website links to your website. It's like a vote of confidence. When another website links to your website, they’re basically telling the search engine that your website is worth looking at. In this blog post, I’ll cover some of the ways to boost your web presence by accumulating backlinks.

The broken-link building method

This method is very popular among SEO specialists and has been used many times, so its effectiveness has declined in recent years. With that being said, it's still a very good strategy for building your links. It starts with searching the web for broken links. The web is a constantly evolving place and sometimes websites get removed. When this happens, all of the links that previously pointed to that website are now dead. The website owners usually aren't aware this has happened which is why it's such a golden opportunity for you.

After you've discovered a broken link, the next thing you do is find out what that link used to point to. You can use tools like the Internet Archive to find out what that website used to look like before it was removed. This gives you a good idea of what you should write about. You create a beautiful article that is 10x better than the article that the broken link pointed to. With your amazing article in hand, you contact the website owner, inform them of the broken link, and tell them that you've written an even better version of the article. When you do this, you've got to be aware that a hundred other marketers are probably doing the same thing. The important thing to keep in mind is how you're going to differentiate yourself and reach out.

Writing a guest article

Guest blogging is a beautiful and effective way to reach new audiences. When you publish an article on a popular blog or website, you're getting hundreds of eyeballs on your article. This helps you build brand awareness and get traffic to your website. Guest blogging is also a smart way of building backlinks. When you write a guest blog post, you’re usually not asking for money but a backlink. Many websites will often let you link once or twice in your article to your website.

Writing and posting articles on blogs or websites as a guest lets you build relationships. This lets you create recognition with a whole new audience. You can use this to build a following on your social media channels or blog. While there are many websites out there that will let you guest post, you should be careful. Not all websites are created equal. Google weighs each website differently. A website that allows a lot of people to guest post may not carry a lot of authority. It won’t hurt your website authority to post there, but it won’t boost it either. The best place to guest post are websites that allow only a limited number of guest authors.

Leveraging Backlinks To Grow Your Roofing Authority

Promote your content

If you have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or social media page, you should be actively promoting your content on there. This is another great way to build backlinks to your website and increase recognition. The point here is try to be unique and offer something of value. People hate being sold to. You need to figure out how to present your article in an interesting way. The best way to figure this out is to create some social media posts and experiment. Remember to keep your audience in mind and ask questions like, “Why should they care about this post?”

Another thing worth pointing out is that not all social media platforms are the same. LinkedIn differs from Facebook and Facebook differs from Twitter. Each audience on these platforms are looking for different things. On Facebook, people are mostly looking for entertainment. On LinkedIn, people want to learn things and grow professionally. On Twitter, people are mostly interested in news tips and stories. Before you craft your post, you need to weigh each platform and choose the best fit for you. Are you looking to be entertaining or informative? Social media is one of the best places to promote your content but it must be unique to that platform and interesting to the audience.

As a roofer, it can be difficult to find time to think about your backlink profile. Earning backlinks is a challenging task and can take time to achieve. It’s a long term game but one of the most effective SEO strategies. There are many ways to accumulate more backlinks and the web is full of helpful ideas. The most important part is to stay focused and be creative. Don’t copy what your competitors are doing. Instead, be inspired by their efforts and come up with something unique to you. In the end, build a system that works for you and can be tracked.

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