The Importance of Regular Web Maintenance

by Joanna Donaghue, April 15th, 2021

When a website is built and launched, that’s only the beginning. Your website is much like a flower. Once it’s planted, it needs to be watered and taken care of. After a website is built, it needs regular updates and maintenance. Many roofing businesses make the mistake of building their website and then leaving it. At first, web maintenance doesn’t seem like a big issue, but after a while your website will break down. In this blog post, you’ll learn tips on how to better maintain your roofing company’s website.

Roofers understand that regular maintenance is important to sustain a home’s roof. When looking for problems, there’s a checklist of items to look at it. When we maintain a website, there are four different checklists we use: weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Weekly Website Maintenance Checklist

It’s a good idea to check on your website at least once a week. The first step is examining the links on your website. Are they broken? Broken links can occur often as things come and go on the internet. When you write blog posts or content, you link to different websites as resources. Some of the websites you link out to will eventually be taken down. To keep your external linking updated, check on all outgoing links on your website.

Many clients we work with have used WordPress to build and host their websites. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for websites. It also comes with a lot of plugins that constantly need to be updated. Hackers are smart and will eventually find a way to break into anything. To keep your website and business secure, regularly update the plugins and software on your website.

The Importance of Regular Web Maintenance

Monthly Website Maintenance Checklist

Once a month, our team will get together and review our clients’ website performance. We analyze the different pages on your website and determine how much traffic they are driving. We use tools like Google Analytics and SEMRush to measure website performance. Some important metrics we track are bounce rate, conversion rate, average session duration, and unusual spikes in traffic.

As websites age, they slow down. Customers hate websites that load slowly. If a web page doesn’t load within 2 to 3 seconds, people will leave. In today’s era of instant gratification and fast shipping, people expect websites to be speedy too. Once a month, it’s smart to analyze your website’s page speed. Google has said that page speed is a ranking factor. If you maintain a fast load time for your website, you can improve your ranking.

Quarterly Website Maintenance Checklist

Every quarter, our team will evaluate our roofing clients’ page design and user experience. We use tools like Microsoft Clarity to capture users’ actions on a website. This data is compiled over time and at the end of a quarter we evaluate it. User experience is like the holy grail in web design and development. User experience will not only improve your online conversions but your ranking too. Google views user experience as a big part of your ranking. If people consistently drop away from your website without spending time on it, your organic ranking will hurt.

We recommend testing your website on different browsers and devices. This should have been done when your website was being developed, but it’s helpful to do it once a quarter too. When viewing your roofing website on different devices and browsers, check for compatibility. Is the web design and experience the same for Android and iPhone users? Are there any inconsistencies with the look and functionality of the website? It’s important to remember that what works on one browser might not work the same on another. Be thorough when testing your website’s compatibility.

Annual Website Maintenance Checklist

The end of the year is a good time to go over your KPIs, performance, and strategies. When evaluating our clients’ websites, we like to make a list of questions. In the past year, what has worked and what needs to be fixed? Is there any content that needs to be rewritten or deleted? What pages outperformed and why? What journey did people take on the website to become a customer? These are all important questions to think about at your annual checkup.

Maintaining your website may seem daunting at first. There are many factors to consider and choices to be made. If something isn’t done correctly the first time, it can cause problems later down the road. Like a roof on a house needs to be installed properly and maintained throughout its life, so does a website. Take some time to sit down and create a checklist that needs to be done for your website weekly, quarterly, and annually. Write down your KPIs and goals and let them guide you in your decisions. It can take a long time for your website to show up in top positions organically, but consistent web maintenance will speed up that process.

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