Tips To Boost Leads On Your Roofing Website

by Joanna Donaghue, March 26th, 2021

As a roofer, you want to generate as many leads as possible. When you build your website, it's a no-brainer to make sure it's optimized for leads. By creating a streamlined process for converting customers on your website, you're able to grow your business more easily. But lead generation isn't as simple as having a "Click Here" button. Creating a lead generating website is much more than having flashy buttons and loud call-to-actions. To ensure your website is capturing customers, you need to take a more strategic approach. In this blog post, you'll learn some steps you can take to start converting visitors on your roofing website.

Add a lead form to the pages on your website with the highest traffic.

Not every page on your website will have an equal outcome. Some pages will rank better in Google and receive more traffic. It's the pages with high volume of traffic that you need to focus on. The more visitors a web page receives, the more opportunity you have to convert that traffic. This translates into more sales for your company.

To begin, conduct an audit of your website. Start by asking important questions. Which pages have higher traffic? How long do people generally stay on this page? How did they get to this page? We recommend using Google Analytics to analyze your web traffic. If you don't have it installed yet, go do it now. Google Analytics is a free platform that lets you analyze your website traffic and performance.

Tips To Boost Leads On Your Roofing Website

Measure how you get leads from your website.

Most websites have more than one way to generate leads. Some ways to obtain customer inquiries are phone calls, lead forms, chats, and emails. In the same way that web pages aren't all equal, the quality and amount of leads you collect differs by channel. Some methods will prove more successful than others. When auditing your website, we recommend looking at how you obtained the customer inquiries. Did they call your business? Was a lead form submitted?

The best method to analyze your lead sources is again with Google Analytics. When setting up your Google Analytics account, be sure to install conversion tracking. In Google Analytics, you'll find conversions under the Goals tab. Google has a great article on how to install tracking on your website.

Provide multiple ways to convert.

Customers love being given options, especially online where it's hard to talk to the company. Since the face-to-face interaction has been taken away, you need to give your visitors other ways to connect with your business. From phone calls to chats to lead forms, there are many methods available to providing superior customer service online. When you're working on your website, be sure to include these lead generation sources:

  • Phone Calls:
    With mobile traffic on the rise, it's important to have a mobile friendly website. This means ensuring that all phone numbers on the website are clickable links. Many times, we've seen business owners add their phone number to the website as a text. This is frustrating on the user's part because it adds another step for them to take in order to call. It also doesn't let you track the calls.
  • Lead Forms:
    By providing a lead generation form on your website, you're giving your customers an easy way of connecting with you. Many times, people are in a rush and don't want to be bothered with talking to a customer service agent. They simply want to leave their information with the company and be contacted later.
  • Email:
    We've found that only a small fraction of online visitors will email a company, but that doesn't mean nobody will. Some people feel more comfortable with email than the phone. It's great to give your customers as many ways to contact you as possible, which is why we recommend providing your email on the website. We recommend using a company email address, for example, as it makes you look more professional.
  • Chats:
    Over the years, we've seen our clients do very well with their online chat. Besides phone calls, chats are one of the most popular methods for contacting a business. People love the easy and quick solutions that chatting provides. They don't have to call the office and be connected with a customer service agent. Instead, they can quickly chat with someone on the website, have their questions answered, and call later if needed.

As more and more shoppers are turning to the internet for solutions, businesses need to innovate their ways of communicating. Customer service is still a very important component of any business, but it can be difficult to achieve online. By optimizing the way you gather leads online, you’re making it easy for your customers to connect with you and get their problems solved. A streamlined and simple lead not only helps you to grow your business but your customer base as well. The next time you’re updating your website, think about the way you obtain leads online and how you can capitalize on it.

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