Ways Roofers Can Create Killer Content

by Joanna Donaghue, December 10, 2020

Does a blank word document scare you? Is it a struggle to figure out where to begin? You’re not alone. Whether you’re a business owner or contractor, the dilemma of figuring out what and how to write content is universal. The blank page is a terrifying prospect. It’s full of opportunities. But what you truly should be focusing on is your audience and not words on a page. Your audience are the ones who will be reading your content, so create it for them. In this blog post, I’ll show you how you can create killer content for your roofing website or blog.

The first step is to see the world from your audience’s view. What kind of questions are they asking? What problems do they have and what solutions are they trying to find? By understanding your audience’s needs, you can craft content that speaks directly to them. Have you ever come across a blog post that seemed to read your thoughts? It’s an eerie but flattering feeling. It shows the writer took the time to understand you before creating that piece of content. They spent hours researching questions you might ask and putting together answers. The goal of any blog or web content is to make your audience feel included.

Here are seven steps to help you master the art of writing great content.

1. To write great content, start with a good headline.

When we have an idea that we’re really excited to write about, we often make the mistake of starting to write it. When we do this, our writing quickly becomes unfocused and meanders off course. To firmly ground your words to your premise, start with a solid headline.

Think of the headline as the destination. The words on the page are the journey to that destination. When I want to write about a topic, I’ll sit down and think up at least 20 headlines. The headlines don’t need to be anything fancy. After you’ve come up with a handful, choose the best one.

2. Research is a critical part of writing

It may seem counterintuitive to do research after choosing your headline. Many people choose to research their topic before putting down one word, and that's fine. There isn't a single correct way of writing. Everybody has their own preferences. When writing, I've found it helpful to choose the headline first. This keeps me focused on the objective of my content. As I do research, I often find myself lost in the myriad of other people's thoughts. Keeping my headline at my side reminds me of what I want to write about.

Research is a critical part of producing beautiful content, but even more important is finding a reliable source of information. The internet is full of knowledge and much of it is made up. In order to write with credibility, you need to understand what it is you're writing about. When reviewing anything online, keep an open but skeptical mind. If a blog post makes a bold claim or gives a fact, find another post or website that supports the claim.

how to write killer content

3. Outline your content before writing.

When beginning to write, everyone makes the mistake of not outlining. Despite choosing a great headline and doing your research, your writing can still meander off the road. An outline is a simple answer to that. Its job is to keep your thoughts and ideas organized in a coherent manner. It gives you stepping stones to write beautifully.

An outline can be as simple as bullet points or three word phrases. It's a list of this, this, this, and then that. As you build your outline, ideas you hadn't thought of will come to you. Your thoughts will begin to take shape. You'll be able to identify weak spots in your idea and make improvements. Most importantly, you'll keep your writing on target.

4. Write clearly. Write concisely.

In English class, my teacher used to stress the significance of writing clearly and concisely. We'd roll our eyes at her, but she was right. When you write clearly, you choose your words with care. You construct your sentences thoughtfully to remove tediousness. You write in a straightforward manner.

Remember that you're writing for your reader and not you. The ultimate goal of your content is to either educate, wow, or entertain your audience. This means you should always write with them in mind. Does this sentence seem too confusing or full of unnecessary jargon? Am I boring my reader with useless details? Ask yourself these questions the next time you sit down at your keyboard.

5. The best kind of content is authentic.

In today's age of overproduced content and beautifully curated Instagram profiles, we crave authenticity more than ever. We want to experience the bona fide version of life. This is why we shop at organic grocery stores, practice yoga in the mornings, and binge watch hyper-realistic tv shows like Breaking Bad.

As a writer, this is good news. True creative writing is about sharing your real voice with your audience. It's important to know that sharing your voice is different than sharing who you are. Your writing voice is your style, the choice of words you use, and the personality that comes across on paper. It's how you speak to your audience. Are you funny, clever, dry, or overly optimistic? This is where authenticity is born.

6. Always keep your content accurate.

Accuracy gives you the appearance of being an expert or professional. When your information is true and your writing mistake-free, people have greater trust in you. Being accurate has always been important, but it's much easier to spot an error these days. With Google one click away, anyone can check the truthfulness of a piece of information or the correct spelling of a word.

As you sit down to write, keep in mind that writing isn’t hard. It’s actually quite fun. The difficulty is that you don’t know how to start. You’re searching for something incredible that will amaze your readers. Instead of trying to achieve perfection, have fun with your piece. Readers can instantly tell when a writer is bored with their topic. By creating informative and creative content, you’re providing your readers with a slice of entertainment and information.

In today’s world digital world, it’s important for roofing companies to be engaging with their audience. When people visit your website, how long do they stay? Do they immediately leave? One study found that the longer a person spends on a website the more likely they are to make a purchase. As you build your website and content, remember that it’s about your customer. If you want to close them, you have to make them feel included and welcomed.

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