How to Get Roofing Leads with Google Ads

by Joanna Donaghue, November 5, 2020

As a roofing company, it can be challenging to get leads. It's a constant battle of coming up with new ideas and seeing what works. From door knocking to handing out flyers, it can be a slow process. Winter time hits and nobody wants to schedule a roof repair or replacement. In the summertime, competitors are crowding the space and stealing the attention. From the off to the on season, every roofing business faces the same dilemma. How do you get consistent roofing leads?

When it comes to marketing their companies, many business owners don’t know where to start. That’s okay. In this blog post, I’m going to cover one of the most effective ways you can gather leads online as a roofer. It’s called Google Ads.

What makes Google Ads so powerful?

When people are searching for a solution or answer, they turn to Google. This is what makes the search engine so great at generating leads. For example, Sally has a leaking roof and needs someone to fix it. In the 1990s, she would have turned to the phone book but it’s the 2000s and we have Google. She does a quick search for a roofer in her area and clicks on the first link she sees.

If your company was advertising on Google, your Ad would be one of the first links to appear when Sally did her search. She would click your link and land on your website. After reading your website content, she would either call you or fill out a form and become a new lead for your business.

When you advertise on Google, you’re able to place your services front and center for people like Sally to see. Unlike the phone book or yellow pages, Google will only show your ad to people interested in roofing services. This way you don’t waste money advertising to people who aren’t interested in your services. This is achieved through the use of keywords. Through detailed keyword research, roofers can find keywords that will generate new business and provide a good ROI.

Tons of data right at your fingertips.

Google Ads provides an almost infinite amount of data on your audience. With traditional advertising, you never really knew if your advertising was making you money. You could place an ad in a newspaper and hoped it might inspire someone to call, but you never had concrete evidence that they did unless they said so. With Google Ads, you can see the demographics and locations of people who clicked your ad. You can track whether or not your ads are making you money down to the penny.

Are males clicking your ads more often than females? Would it be beneficial to increase the targeting for a certain demographic? Should you stop advertising on specific days?

Google Ads can help you answer these and even deeper questions. With this information, you can fine tune the targeting of your ads and generate more leads for less cost. If men are converting more than women, then you can cut women out of your advertising budget. If a certain neighborhood is very profitable, you can allocate more money to targeting that specific neighborhood and start generating leads from it. With the deep insights Google’s data provides, you can customize your advertising and save thousands of dollars in ad spend.

Get leads from Google

Turn your advertising into a money making machine.

There are three factors that make up the success of a Google Ads campaign. Regardless of what industry or market you’re in, the factors are always:

1. Keywords
2. Ad Copy
3. Landing Page

In order to target the right people, you need to find the most relevant and effective keywords for your business. This involves extensive keyword research to determine how your customers are searching for roofing services. The secret here is to understand how your customers talk and what words they use. You may uncover hidden gems that will improve your search performance.

Ad Copy
Before you can start advertising, you need to figure out how you’re going to sell your services. What message will compel customers to take action? Your ad copy is where you get to make your business stand out. One smart technique is to show the benefits and features of your services. How will you solve your customer’s problem? Why should they choose you over everyone else?

Landing Page
Many times, roofers will concentrate on their advertising campaigns and forget about their website. This is one of the greatest mistakes made. When a customer clicks on your ad, they’re taken to your website or landing page. Your website is the first impression they will have of your business.

Imagine you owned a brick and mortar store where customers could come and shop. Do you think anyone would want to shop there if it was run down and covered in graffiti? No, they wouldn’t.

It’s the same for your website. If your website is out of date and contains irrelevant information, people will leave immediately. It doesn’t take more than a second for a person to decide if they’ll leave or stay on.

Google Ads is one of the best tools for generating roofing leads because of its ability to target purchase-ready customers and provide deep insights on your audience. You can use it to answer insightful questions about your audience and who you should target. This helps you to save thousands of dollars in ad spend per year. You no longer need to waste money on people who aren’t interested but instead can focus on those who are ready to buy your services. Google Ads is a complex tool but when done right it has the potential to double your revenue.

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