The Best Time to Sell A Roof & How

by Joanna Donaghue, June 10th, 2021

With the construction industry booming, 2021 is a great time to selling roofs. Roofing sales have seen their ups and downs over the years, but right now we are seeing a bull run in construction, especially roofing. If you’re interested in selling roofing services to homeowners, it’s never been a better time to start. But there are a few things you need to keep in mind first.

The best time to sell a roof depends on your location and climate, but most roof salespeople like to start in early spring. This allows their roofing teams to schedule jobs out in advance so they aren't scrambling when peak season hits.

As the pandemic eases away and the economy opens back up, homeowners are beginning to think about home improvements. It’s a great time to start selling roofs again. In this article, we want to give you some industry best practices on roofing sales and best times to sell.

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When is peak season?

When the roofing season starts and ends for you depends on your climate. Roofers prefer to work when the weather is mild and conditions are safe. The best day to install a new roof is when temperatures are moderate and there’s no wind or precipitation. For many parts of North America, the roofing season starts in the summer and ends in the late fall.

The Secret to Selling Roof Repair

Roofing sales have changed over the years. Where we used to use a tape measure and pad of paper, we now use an app and a drone. To win the most contracts, a salesman must not only use current technology, but they must also hone their communication skills. Remember to a homeowner a roof is a roof until it starts to leak or is damaged. When their roof starts to leak, it becomes a complex problem they have no idea how to deal with. They’ll turn to you for expert advice. If you can master the art of communication, you can help them understand the information about their roof and make it easy to understand why they should buy from you.

Be An Educator and A Salesman
To bring the homeowner the most value, you should educate them on their roof while upselling your services. You should have easy-to-understand information about roofing and the damage to the parts of their roof. This includes literature about the products you use, warranties, and special features. It’s helpful to include social proof like testimonials and photos of other jobs you have done that are similar or in the same area. When covering different areas of the roof, you may think that terms like a ridge, pop vents, boots, drip edge, and flashing are easily understood but to the customer it’s gibberish.

Utilize drone technology
Drones are great for inspecting the roof for damage or heavy wear that needs repairing. Using a drone not only allows you to take photos and video but gives you the ability to gather cloud point data that can be used to build a 3D model. What you use can be determined by what you have available to you. Taking drone photos and video of the homeowner's roof is usually enough to see the area of the roof in question. The 3D model can be utilized if you are a large roofing company bidding on high-profile repair jobs.

roofers using a drone

Understand your products
When it comes to selling roof repair you need to know your products. The more you know your product the more authority you will have to a buyer, and more likely they will follow your advice. You should educate yourself on the most popular products your company offers including energy efficiency ratings, installation techniques, manufacturers’ warranties, and pricing.

Emphasize the value
When a homeowner has a damaged roof, they’re only focused on the problem at hand. They’re not thinking about their home’s value or how a quality roof repair can increase it. Educating the homeowner on real estate value and the effect a quality roof repair can have on it is a great sales tactic. Some homeowners may be looking to sell their home in a year or two. Fixing a damaged roof can add curb appeal and return over 70% of the initial investment. Many homeowners don’t know that statistically a roof is a better return on investment than a kitchen or bath remodel. As the roofer, it’s your responsibility to make sure they understand the full benefits of the roof repair.

How to Sell Roof Replacement to Homeowners

Selling a roof replacement can be more difficult than a repair. It costs more money than a simple repair and most homeowners don’t have the financial means to pay for it. When the time comes for them to replace their roof, there are a few ways you can convince them to choose you.

Provide visual aids
Did you know that 65% of the population are visual learners? Visual learners are people who learn best by seeing the information. Visual aids like drawings, graphics, models, photos, and videos have a higher likelihood of getting the customer information they want and landing the sale.

use visuals for roof sales

Look for storm damage
Storms and high winds can cause considerable damage to a house. After a storm has wrecked their home’s roof, selling roof replacement is easy because the insurance pays for it. Depending on the nature of the damage and how immediate the need to replace the roof is, your job is to educate the customer. There are roofing scams that chase storms and prey on the vulnerable. You can differentiate yourself from the scammers by how well you communicate and present yourself.

Build a quality brand
Creating a quality brand for yourself can go a long way in helping you get more roof replacement sales. It’ll show homeowners that you’re a reputable and professional roofing company. The three things homeowners want to know about a roofer is how reliable they are, what’s their reputation, and are they experts. Your brand should consist of a professionally designed logo, matching social media pages, and a high converting website. This is important if you want to have quality roofing leads coming in consistently and organically.

Make yourself easy to find
With so many roofing companies to choose from, it can be hard to get homeowners to pick you. When searching for a top roofer, many people will use Google My Business, Yelp, or Angie’s List. Creating a listing for your business in top directories like Google My Business will go a long way in helping you get qualified leads. You’ll be able to list your business information along with customer reviews. This makes it easier for people to find you online and choose your services.

Come prepared and organized
This is a basic rule but not everyone follows it. When you’re going to meet with a potential customer, you need to have all of your information and paperwork in order. This lets get quotes out quickly and accurately. A clean and easy-to-read accurate quote tells a potential customer that you are highly professional, a trait that most homeowners look for in a contractor.

Keep up the professionalism
Many contractors like to show up as is but this is a big mistake. First impressions last. It’s your job to convince the homeowner that you're the professional for them. To do so, dress for success should be your mantra. Keep building on your roofing brand by having your logo embroidered onto shirts, hats, and jackets. Invest in uniforms for your team and make sure everyone looks consistent. This small investment will help build on your professional reputation.

professional roofer

Simplify with digital tools
Before the internet, roofers had to print off or write up contracts and physically hand them to their customers. Today, sending contracts and other files to customers has never been easier. You want to make the process from quote to signed contract as easy as possible for the homeowner. This ensures a smooth transition from potential to paying customer. Providing digital products to your customers shows the professionalism of your company.

Spend time genuinely connecting
As a roofer, you want to get done with one job and move on to the next. The big mistake many contractors make is that they forget to build a connection with their customers. Your goal should be to create a real and genuine dialogue with your roofing customers. Whether they are a lead or a closed prospect, you should spend time getting to know them. This tells them that you’re authentic, care, and not just in it for the money. If you treat them right, they'll tell others about you even if they don’t end up choosing you.

Tips on Successfully Qualify Roofing Leads

The first step in any sales process is lead qualification. This is a huge factor in how easy it will be to sell a prospect a new roof. When you qualify a lead, you're deciding on how likely the customer is to buy your service and products. The roofing lead qualifying process starts as soon as you get the lead. You should be asking questions that identify the qualities of a customer. This questioning process of qualifying a lead early in the sales process increases your chance of closing the sale.

The first question to ask is: Do they have the ability to buy what you are selling? This question should be your baseline. Roofing is a big purchase. You need to keep in mind any financing options they have available. If they're not able to afford the service even with credit, then they're a bad fit. Great roofing salespeople will start with this question before moving on.

qualifying leads

Another way to qualify a roofing lead is to ask stock questions. The purpose of these questions is to find out what products or services they might be interested in purchasing. The best time to ask these questions is during the initial meeting or call. What you should keep in mind with this entire process is that you're determining whether or not this customer will be a good fit.

Some example qualifying questions:

  • How did you find us?
  • How soon do you need a roofing estimate?
  • What type of roof do you have right now?
  • How old is your current roof?
  • How soon do you think you will decide on getting a new roof?
  • When do you want your roof replaced?
  • How many contractors have/plan to speak to about your roofing project?
  • Our starting price is $ per square foot, is that within your budget?
  • Do you have a budget in mind to replace your old roof?
  • How long do you plan on staying in your home(is it worth the “investment”)?

If you get push back from a potential customer about all the qualifying questions, then you can explain that you want to make sure they get the best product without wasting their time. We do not recommend taking our list verbatim, but you should use these as guidance and inspiration to come up with your own qualifying questions for your potential roofing customers.

It's good to remember that during the sales process you will get a lot of “no’s”, and a lot of rejection. Along with the rejection can come huge rewards if you are consistent, persistent, and don’t take the rejection personally. When a potential customer tells you no, it’s part of the process, because if you are closing every sale then you are not charging enough. Your closing ratio should be between 30% and 70% to make any money in roofing sales. Anything lower than 30% and it will be hard to put food on your table and make ends meet. Utilizing the techniques in this article will help you in your roofing sales journey.

Building on your communication skills will go a long way in improving your sales presentation. There are many ways you can learn to communicate better. You can join an improv troupe, join a local Toastmasters, or just practice speaking in front of a mirror. Communication is key in closing more sales and building strong relationships with your customers. When communication breaks down, things can go wrong quickly.

It’s also recommended that you educate yourself on insurance procedures. The average homeowner rarely deals with home insurance. By being thorough in your knowledge of home insurance, you can shine professionally and make yourself stand out. If you learn about the local insurance companies and their adjusters, you can use that knowledge to educate the customer. You'll become their advocate and be able to advise them on steps you will take to work with the adjuster.

Always keep a positive attitude. This applies to all sales, but especially roofing sales for a few reasons. If in your sales job you’re going to knock on doors, then you can expect to get a lot of rejection. You need to keep a positive attitude when going to every house. A positive attitude believes that people want to hear from you and buy your products. A negative attitude believes, long before they even start the sales meeting, that no one is interested in buying what they have to sell. A positive attitude will also make you more likable and acceptable, which are important building blocks of trust.

If you utilize the best practices in this article, you will be on your way to closing more roofing deals and enjoying a lucrative career in roofing sales for years to come.

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