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About Client

Mighty Plugs sells high-end quality earplugs worldwide. These earplugs are all-natural and made and shipped from Ashland, Oregon. For over 35 years, Mighty Plugs has built a name for itself as the premium earplug. The company had grown complacent with their marketing and website, and overtime their competitors over took them.

Refreshing An Old Brand

Mighty Plugs had established a cult following around its products. Every month, thousands of customers returned for a repeat purchase. The company had received thousands of 5-star reviews from fans of the product. But they failed to keep up with the times.

About Project

Mighty Plugs had been in business for over 35 years and established a strong reputation for their premium earplugs. Their customers were diehard fans of the product. The company's biggest source of revenue came from referrals. People would refer their friends, family, coworkers, and whoever else they talked to.

Mighty Plugs became complacent with the amount of business they received from referrals and didn't try to stay competitive in their market. After building their website, they didn't update it or refresh it with new content. They were running some ads on Google but that was the extent of their marketing efforts. They wanted to keep up with their competitors but didn't know how.


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The Results

From our analysis of their marketing and loyal customer base, we knew there was much opportunity for growth. The company was barely doing anything to market themselves. The majority of their sales came from word of mouth but the company wasn't doing anything to show their appreciation. They didn't thank their customers for the referrals or even acknowledged them outside the sale.

We knew we could increase their revenue by connecting with their community. We created an email marketing campaign targeting their customers and thanking them for their loyalty. During the holidays, we launched a special sale exclusive just to current customers. Through our efforts, the company's revenue doubled for that entire year.

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