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About Client

For over 20 years, West Coast Roofing & Painting have been installing and replacing roofs in Portland, Oregon. They've built a reputation for quality work, great service, and honesty. They wanted to expand their presence in their community and get their brand in front of more people. Their current marketing initiatives weren't producing the results they wanted.

Building Trust & Value

Reputation and trust goes a long way in roofing. All too often, there are unethical contractors who give the industry a bad name. We wanted to expand on West Coasting Roofing & Painting's reputation and get their brand in front of more people. We used a combination of SEO and advertising to do so.

About Project

West Coast Roofing & Painting had been using a different marketing agency to promote their services but the agency wasn't producing the kind of results they wanted to see. As a reputable roofer in the Portland area, West Coast Roofing & Painting were already very busy but they knew they could do more.

Every year, new competition threatened to take away a slice of their market. They knew if they didn't keep up they'd soon be replaced. Their website was old and hadn't been updated in a long time. Their ad campaigns on Google were sucking up a lot of their budget without getting many leads. Something had to change.


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The Results

When West Coast Roofing & Painting came to us with their problem, we knew we'd be a good fit. We asssed their current marketing efforts and what their competitors were doing. After a deep analysis, we determined they'd benefit from a new, updated website with fresh content, a brand new Google Ads campaign, and 12-month SEO plan.

We built them a completely new website and continuously tested it to see what design or content would drive more conversions. With the data we received from the experiments, we were able to double their on-site conversions. Their new Google Ads campaigns dramatically decreased their cost per conversion while doubling their conversion rate.

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