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In 2019, Joanna Donaghue left her career at a large marketing firm to start her own venture. Her passion for great service and helping others gave Roadmap Agency its founding principles of integrity and honesty. After spending many years struggling, Roadmap Agency grew from helping just five clients to serving many businesses across the U.S. From small family owned businesses to large corporations, we proudly serve everyone.

We focus on helping our clients grow their businesses online through premium quality website management and SEO. We strive to provide straightforward, no nonsense marketing that gets great results. With this goal in mind, we're always improving our work, processes, strategies and standards. At the end of the day, our clients' success is the finish line.

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Joanna Donaghue

Founder / Chief Strategist


Eric Anderson

Co-Founder / Chief Analyst


Masie Pitchard

Creative Director

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