What's Our Story?

We work with businesses of all sizes and types. From newbies to veterans, we provide marketing strategies for any business to succeed. We started by asking a simple question. With so much noise and clutter in today's world, how does a company break through to reach the people who need its services?

These days, everyone is drowning with ads. Telemarketers, banners, emails, Facebook, TV, radio, billboards... Advertisements are everywhere. The growth of technology has come as a double-edged sword. It's given us more ways to reach our customers but also made it harder to close them.

After spending time with dozens of business owners, we discovered a simple method to growing our clients' businesses without wasting money on pointless advertising. The formula is basic. Throroughly understand your customers and use that knowledge to target with precision.

Meet the Founders

Joanna Donaghue

As Captain, Joanna navigates our team and clients through everyday business. Over the years, she's had the fantastic opportunity of getting to build companies' brands from the ground-up. She's worked in a variety of industries such as automotive, construction, remodeling, and real estate.


With a rich experience in international marketing and business growth, Andrei has always been the fresh pair of eyes you call to evaluate your situation and customize the necessary steps needed to increase revenue, reduce overhead, maximize team retention and pad your bottom line.

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